Control Gear, ballasts and Industrial Lighting

It can be tricky to find people who know about discharge lighting and street lighting. Although we no longer do contract work we do have a fair amount of experience with industrial lighting and would like to think we are quite knowledgable about various control gear and lighting ballasts.

So if you are having trouble with your Son (sodium) light or would like to change your orange Son light to white light give us a call as we may be able to help. If we dont have an answer right away we will always try and find out for you.

We can also supply control gear for metal halide and mercury bulbs as well as bits and pieces such as lampholders or spare for fittings (we keep parts of damaged fittings so we may have a glass cover for example that would fit your light fitting)

We can get hold of some SOX ballasts and control gear. It is becoming increasingly hard to source sox kit as it is slowly becoming obsolete. If we cant replace the gear you have we can still advise on the options to get lit up again!

Of course there are new low energy alternatives coming on the market now too and we will be adding these as we test them out

So give us a call on 01822 860 110 or click the contact tab at the top of the page if you are stuck and we will try our best to help

If you already know what you need you can find control gear here

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One Response to Control Gear, ballasts and Industrial Lighting

  1. Nathan says:

    hi their i have a philips bhl 400 l 32 ballast and need the lowest cost
    ignitor and capacitor possible as i work as a volunter at a local cancer care home post and packing would be to the isle of lewis any help with this would be much appreciated meny thanks nathan

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